fullsizerender-4Hi–it’s Em here. Al, Anna & I are off on an adventure across the U.S.A in a Winnebago View.  Al & I are first time parents and first time RV owners.  We look forward to sharing our adventure with you.

We left from Wisconsin on a very cold day in January just after all of the holiday cheer started to wane.  The night before we left, we had hoped to pack up so we could leave early the next morning–but we spent our time cleaning up a bottle of red wine that had exploded and drooled across our future living quarters. Once we realized the cleaning products were solid blocks of ice, the reality of the uninhabitable conditions started to sink in. We were not going to leave early in the morning.  We were going to leave when it was warm enough; at least for the RV to start.

It turned out that was still the following day, but not until 10AM.  Heading for Austin, TX,  we also looked forward to checking out the Ozarks along the way.  We plan to stay in free campsites when possible and pay for sites when we need to fill up with water and dump our waste.  And that’s what we did!  Here’s a video of what we did in Missouri.