Early on, we established two particular rules which we hoped would keep us in good spirits if we adhered to them. We call them The Rules of 4. The first: No driving over four hours in a day. This is mainly because we don’t want to torture Anna but also because there are lots of chores to do as I mentioned in my previous post. I know our videos make it look like we are always having fun but it takes real effort to keep this ship a sail. Add up chore time plus driving time and it makes for an unpleasant day so: four hours driving is our max.

The second rule: Know your camp by 4pm. It’s important to scope out a safe and comfortable place to sleep before the sun sets and before anybody starts to get hangry (the anger that comes with hungry).

Two weeks ago, the day we left Texas, we were so keen to visit friends in Taos, NM we thought ‘blow the rules’ and it nearly ended the entire trip. Family morale hit rock bottom. As it grew darker and we all became more hungry and tired a fury of “discussions” ensued about– the trip, this #%*! RV that always needs tending to, US: politics, healthcare, the exchange rate (for cryin’ out loud!), …LIFE! until finally the unmentionable was mentioned: flights back to the UK… like NOW! The fun had all but dried up and a sulky, sour and angry attitude poisoned all of us. We slept that night at a truck stop on the side of some busy Interstate right next to a ridiculous sign that said: No RVs. 

The following morning we managed to pull ourselves together–amazing what a few zzz’s and breakfast can do to team morale. We even managed a light chuckle that another RV had parked next to us in the night despite that stupid sign! Over the next few days, we managed to regain perspective in the jovial company of old friends and instated the third and very important rule: No “discussing” life and the future if either of the first two rules have been broken.

So, those are the rules of the road: The Rules of Four. We almost always have a good day when we stick to them, and doom and gloom has been a certainty when they are broken. 

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